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“Our Enterprise is a young, innovative development and regeneration company with a difference.

We don’t just build buildings, we create local communities with a long-term social return which delivers the highest levels of economic and environmental sustainability and promotes the wellbeing of all those who live and work there. Our unique combination of skills in social entrepreneurship, development, investment and asset management is changing the way regeneration is delivered.”

Matthew Bell, Founder & CEO

Our Enterprise is changing the way regeneration is delivered

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Partnerships and Legacy Companies

Partnership is key for us and our ability to bring people together makes our projects special, delivering true localism and shared value for everyone involved.

We work directly with local communities, local authorities, Government bodies and commercial business to build trust and respect between partners for the lasting benefit and success of our projects.

Our Enterprise also works with other developers and authorities, to provide a legacy company service for new developments.

Including our legacy company within a development will enhance and secure a social offer tailored to the local community whilst enhancing the return on a development and ensuring long-term sustainability. Examples of recent social offers include a business incubator hub, a technology hub and a Design, Make and Sell centre for creative businesses.

We can become involved in negotiating bespoke s.106 or CIL agreements which transfer implementation from the developer to the legacy company whilst facilitating concessions on affordable housing and reducing planning delays.

The legacy company can manage and operate the entire site if desired, carrying out services to residents alongside grounds and facilities maintenance, and is also able to generate earned income, for example, by owning and running a CHP plant. On-site staff ensure a high level of customer satisfaction.

The legacy company takes an entrepreneurial approach, giving local people a stake in the management of their community and ownership of local assets and enterprises ranging from recycling services and managing community facilities to local food growing (allotments and orchards).  

During the construction period and beyond, the legacy company promotes and manages apprenticeship and training opportunities and local supply chain connections. Our website and social media presence will help to promote a thriving, connected community.

We are always happy to sit down for a no-obligation chat with you about your needs and requirements, what Our Enterprise can offer to you and to discuss our other projects.

To discuss partnering with Our Enterprise, please email team@ourenterprise.com.


We invest in substantial game-changing development alongside communities at the local level to promote innovative design and sustainability. We believe in the communities we create, so we establish legacy companies to manage our developments, engage with our partners and bring wellbeing and real long-term benefit to the local community.

All of this unlocks value and planning potential to create beautiful places for people to live, work and play.



  • Matthew Bell
    Matthew Bell
    Founder & CEO
  • Alan Caldwell
    Alan Caldwell
    Partnerships Director
  • Jim Carter
    Jim Carter
  • Rob Fleming
    Rob Fleming
    Non-Executive Director
  • Kelvin Bell
    Kelvin Bell
    Finance Director
  • Lara Maybee
    Lara Maybee
    Sustainability Director

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