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“Our Enterprise is a young, innovative development and regeneration company with a difference. We care about delivering projects with a social return and the highest levels of economic and environmental sustainability. Our investors share this philosophy and bring the long-term commitment that our projects require. Our unique combination of skills in social entrepreneurship, development, investment and asset-management is changing the way quality regeneration is delivered.”

Matthew Bell, Founder & CEO

Our Enterprise is changing the way regeneration is delivered


Our ability to bring people together makes our projects special. From the early stages of involvement, we develop a unified vision, delivering true Localism and shared value for everyone involved. We understand the needs and cultures of different stakeholders, from local communities to Local Authorities, Government bodies and commercial business. We build trust and respect between partners for the lasting benefit and success of our projects. The development and management of high-quality partnerships is the key to all that we do at Our Enterprise.

To discuss partnering with Our Enterprise, please email Alan Caldwell, Partnerships Director


We invest in substantial, game-changing development alongside communities at the local level. Innovative design and sustainability are promoted. We establish legacy companies to manage our developments, engage with our partners and bring benefits to the local community. All of this unlocks value and planning potential to create beautiful places for people to live, work and play.

We invest in substantial, game-changing development


  • Matthew Bell
    Matthew Bell
    Founder & CEO
  • Alan Caldwell
    Alan Caldwell
    Partnerships Director
  • Jim Carter
    Jim Carter
    Commercial Director
  • Lara Maybee
    Lara Maybee
    Sustainability Director
  • Rob Fleming
    Rob Fleming
    Non-Executive Director
  • Kelvin Bell
    Kelvin Bell
    Company Secretary
  • Kay Booth
    Kay Booth
    Projects Manager

Investors and Technical Team

Our projects require a special kind of investor who is able to take a longer-term approach, value social returns, and understand the benefits of a community legacy company model. We have cultivated strong working relationships with a range of such investors, from high net-worth individuals to sovereign wealth funds.

Our projects also require the highest quality of technical input. Our current technical team includes:

Our work is supported by a range of technical partners

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