OurEnterprise Community Interest Company (CIC) is the UK’s leading sponsor of social enterprise lead regeneration partnerships involving property, infrastructure and collaborations among multiple social businesses to deliver change.


We structure and deploy a range of new business models to prioritise social and economic regeneration created and backed by local communities, with strong leadership input and social investment.


We believe communities need new forms of inspiration, leadership, mentoring and structure to galvanise true regeneration and we believe our vision, strong values and good people create an effective methodology to get things done.


OurEnterprise is at the cutting edge of social regeneration, creating new impact investor asset classes and measuring Social Return on Investment (SROI).


We trade as a Community Interest Company (CIC) to enable us to be truly “socially enterprising” and hold ourselves accountable to our promises. The commitments we make to communities are backed up by statute under the CIC structure.


Our flagship project is Royal Haslar. We led and won the bid with the Ministry of Defence, to purchase and re-develop the historic Royal Haslar Hospital in Gosport, Hampshire, where we are establishing the UK’s first substantial ex-services community to support transition back into civil society, as well as creating one of the most vibrant new mixed communities in the South East of England. This is our base from which we are growing.


Headed up by Matthew Bell, social entrepreneur, and a proactive team of professionals, we are building an exciting portfolio of projects, funders and partners. If you want to know more about how we can bring focused value creation to challenging schemes then please contact us and we will be happy to help.